Hazmat Boot Covers Yellow, Large (50 Pairs)

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Product Description

When your environment is filled with hazardous material, our boot covers are here to keep your body and clothes free of potential harm. These 12” durable, Chemical Resistant, Latex boot covers provide an economical way to keep you safe.

Product Details

Stretchable, seamless boot cover
100% Waterproof
Economical for single use
Ribbed textured sole

Features and Benefits

Designed to wear over your shoes so you won’t have to take them off – just slip them on and secure around your ankles.
Textured sole for traction so you won’t slip and fall - provides optimal skid-proof reliability.
100% waterproof and chemical resistant to ensure your protection.
Technical Information
Product NameHazmat Boot Covers Yellow, Large (50 Pairs)
Product Code32629
Product UOM CodeEA
Product Package UOM CodeEA
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