275 Gallon Poly Tote Reconditioned, UN-Rated (1 Each)

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Product Description

275 Gallon Poly Tote – Reconditioned*, UN-Rated – Eliminate the hassle of storing and moving up to five drums with just one of these totes.  275 gallon reconditioned* (and certified for use) caged IBC containers are one of the most commonly used IBC models, often selected for their increased capacity, their single pallet size footprint, and the strength and compatibility of the tote’s construction materials. Composite IBC totes feature an internal tank manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and that is containerized and supported by a galvanized steel protective cage.  UN/DOT labels approve 275 gallon IBCs for handling and transporting non hazardous, hazardous solid to liquid commodities belonging to packing group II and III; with some examples including: chemicals, solutions, sand, paints, coatings, dyes, process waste, greases, oils, lubricants, intermediates, powders, and granulated substances


Product Details

1 x 275 gallon tote


Features and Benefits

Dimensions: 48”L x 40”W x 46”H
4-way forklift entries on pallet let you stack units up to four high to save space
6″ Lid & 2″ Cammlock Valve
Galvanized steel cage provides a strong, rust-resistant protective barrier
UN-Rating: 31HA1/Y**


*Reconditioned containers may contain minor imperfections including scratches, small dents or variations in color.

**UN-Ratings can vary by supplier. Please confirm material being placed into the container is covered by UN-Rating threshold printed on the container.

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Product Name275 Gallon Poly Tote Reconditioned, UN-Rated (1 Each)
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