ArmaKleen™ Paint & Ink Remover Part B Concentrate (1 Single, 5 Gallon Pail)

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Product Description

ArmaKleen™ Paint & Ink Remover is a low-temperature, highly concentrated liquid cleaner designed to remove a variety of paints, inks, adhesives, and other coatings from various substrates including steel, cast iron, and aluminum. This product is effective in removing paints used in industrial spray painting, powder coating, E-coat, and other processes and is also effective in removing inks used in lithographic, flexographic, Gravure, screen, and other commercial printing presses.

Product Details

ArmaKleen Paint & Ink Remover is a two-part chemistry. The use solution is made from 1:1 mix of ArmaKleen Paint & Ink Remover Part A (50%) and ArmaKleen Paint & Ink Remover Part B (50%). Do not dilute with water.

pH of Mixed two-part working solution: 10.0-11.0

Product requires continuous agitation to mix the product for optimal performance. It is recommended for use in immersion, ultrasonic, and spray cleaning equipment that is constructed of general-purpose construction steel or stainless steel. When using in enclosed cabinet style spray washers, the system must be ventilated.

ArmaKleen Paint & Ink Remover is NOT recommended for hand-wipe cleaning applications, and certain contaminants such as dirt, grease, and oil should be removed from the part(s) prior to washing with the Paint & Ink cleaner.

Equipment Type Washer Temperature
Immersion Washers 120°F to 170°F
Spray Washer 120°F to 170°F
Ultrasonic Washer 120°F to 170°F

Substrate Compatibility:

Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, and brass are compatible. Testing is recommended when used on sensitive aluminum alloys as discoloration may develop. Product can be used on zinc, zinc casings, and zinc plated parts if service interval for bath life maintenance is not over-extended. Over extension of bath life can cause corrosion inhibitors to be depleted and zinc to be attached. Testing before use on zinc is recommended. Do not use on magnesium.

Features and Benefits

Automated Reduces labor and increases productivity
Safe on Most Metals Can simultaneously clean steel, aluminum and other alloys
Low impact on surface finish Reduces scrap and minimizes rework on parts
Low Temperature Reduces energy costs associated with high temperature processes
Highly Effective Two-part Aqueous phase & Organic phase chemistry quickly removes most ink, paints and other coatings

Gallons of Concentrate Recommended Dilution Range Total Bath Solution Range
(When mixed with water)
5 100% 5 Gal Pre-Mixed Concentrate - Do Not Dilute with Water​

Additional Configurations Available

55 Gallon Drum

Technical Information
Product NameArmaKleen™ Paint & Ink Remover Part B Concentrate (1 Single, 5 Gallon Pail)
Product Code6364
Product UOM CodeEA
Product Package UOM CodeEA
Safety Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
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