ArmaKleen™ Bio 24   Concentrate (1 Single, 55 Gallon Drum)

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Product Description

ArmaKleen™ Bio 24 is a bio based, super concentrated, water based industrial parts washing cleaner/degreaser designed to be used in the automotive, industrial, military and government cleaning applications. Bio 24 is formulated to work in manual, immersion, spray under immersion, ultrasonic and spray washing equipment to remove soils such as grease, lubricating oils, dirt and other soils from steel, copper, aluminum and other polymeric surfaces.

ArmaKleen Bio 24 is USDA certified as a Bio Preferred product and contains 72% sustainable bio carbon containing ingredients (surfactants and additives) that are derived from plants and other renewable agricultural, marine or forestry materials.

ArmaKleen Bio 24 complies with the Green Seal™ GS-34 Standard for Cleaning and Degreasing Agents.

Product Details

pH of Concentrate: 10.5
pH of 10% by volume dilution 10.0
pH of 5% by volume dilution: 9.8

Equipment Type Bio 24 Concentration Washer Temperature
Spray Washer 5% by volume 130°F to 160°F
Immersion Washer 5% by volume 130°F to 160°F
Ultrasonic Washer 5% by volume 130°F to 160°F
Manual with light to moderate soils 10% by volume Ambient (room temperature)
Manual with medium to heavy soils 10% by volume 130°F

Soil Compatibility:

Grease, oil, lubricants, machining fluids, rust preventatives, metal working compounds, baked on carbon and other commercial and industrial soils

Substrate Compatibility:

Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass and other alloys

Features and Benefits

Bio based Sustainable low pH Aqueous Cleaner Bio 24 is derived from renewable sources, non-corrosive to skin, biodegradable and contains 72% bio-carbon content
Versatile Can be used in manual, spray, immersion and ultrasonic applications
Super Concentrated 10% concentration recommended for manual cleaning; 5% concentration for automated cleaning
Low Foaming Can simultaneously clean steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Does not tarnish or dull cast aluminum parts
Multi-metal Safe Will not foam in spray applications as low as 110°F
Cleaner/Rust Preventative Cleans metals and provides short term indoor rust protection
Non flammable Improves employee safety and eliminates fire hazards
Low VOCs Meets SCAQMD Air Quality standards for VOC emissions at 30% concentration and lower as per 40CFR Part 51.100(s)
No phosphates or nitrites Safer for workers and the environment
NSF Approved Certified as an A-1 Cleaner

Gallons of Concentrate Recommended Dilution Range Total Bath Solution Range
(When mixed with water)
55 5% - 10% 550 - 1100 Gal 5% = Mix 1 gal of concentrate per 19 gal water
10% = Mix 1 gal of concentrate per 9 gal water

Additional Configurations Available

5 Gallon Pail

Technical Information
Product NameArmaKleen™ Bio 24   Concentrate (1 Single, 55 Gallon Drum)
Product Code6469
Product UOM CodeEA
Product Package UOM CodeEA
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