ArmaKleen™ M-Defoamer HD   Concentrate (1 Single, 5 Gallon Pail)

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Product Description

ArmaKleen™ M-Defoamer HD is an effective 3D siloxane-based defoaming agent additive designed to suppress excess foam in aqueous cleaning baths. It is designed specifically for use with ArmaKleen aqueous cleaning solutions and will not negatively impact cleaning performance. M-Defoamer is dispersible in water and will mix with the bath when added at recommended concentrations. It also has a neutral pH and will not impact the pH of the cleaning bath

Product Details

pH of Concentrate: Neutral
Recommended Concentration: Add 1 pint of M-Defoamer for every 30 gallons of bath volume
Operating Temperature: 120°F - 180°F

Features and Benefits

3D siloxane Non-volatile due to high molecular weight
Free rinsing Rinses easily from surfaces; will not interfere with painting, plating or other finishes
Dispersible in water Will flow evenly in cleaning bath to quickly eliminate excess foam
Neutral pH Effective with a broad range of alkaline cleaners
Mild odor Non-irritating to opeators
Non-dilutable Easy to use, just add to bath at full strength

Gallons of Concentrate Recommended Dilution Range Total Bath Solution Range
(When mixed with water)
5 N/A Up to 1200 Gal Mix 1 pint per 30 Gal of Bath Solution

Technical Information
Product NameArmaKleen™ M-Defoamer HD   Concentrate (1 Single, 5 Gallon Pail)
Product Code6343
Product UOM CodeEA
Product Package UOM CodeEA
Safety Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
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