ArmaKleen™ M-100 Baked on Carbon Remover   Concentrate (1 Single, 5 Gallon Pail)

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Product Description

ArmaKleen™ M-100 BCR (Baked on Carbon Remover) is a specially formulated low pH cleaner that performs like a caustic cleaner without the use of free caustics. M-100 BCR is a safer aqueous cleaner designed to attack and remove baked on carbon and other heavy soils from steel and soft metals like cast aluminum blocks and other alloy components. This revolutionary product not only cleans parts but also brightens aluminum parts to like new condition. M-100 can be used in immersion, ultrasonic and spray washer applications and is super-concentrated to be used at half the concentration of normal single purpose cleaners.

Product Details

pH of Concentrate: 10.5
pH of 10% by volume dilution: 9.5-9.8

Equipment Type M-100 BCR Concentration Washer Temperature
Immersion Washer 10% by volume 110°F to 180°F
Ultrasonic Washer 10% by volume 110°F to 180°F
Spray Washer 10% by volume 130°F to 160°F

Soil Compatibility:

Baked on Carbon, varnish, grease, oil, lubricants, machining fluids, rust preventatives, metal working compounds, and other commercial and industrial soils

Substrate Compatibility:

Steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass and other alloys

Features and Benefits

Low pH Caustic Free Super Cleaner Lower pH M-100 BCR exceeds the performance of caustic cleaners without damaging the substrate
Versatile Can be used in spray, immersion and ultrasonic applications
Super Concentrated 10% concentration recommended; However it can be effective at lower concentration if hte application warrants it
Low Foaming Can simultaneously clean steel, aluminum, copper and brass. Does not tarnish or dull cast aluminum parts
Cleaner/Rust Preventative Cleans metals and provides short term indoor rust protection
Low VOCs Meets all Air Quality Standards for VOC emissions at 30% concentration and lower
No phosphates or nitrites Safer for workers and the environment

Gallons of Concentrate Recommended Dilution Range Total Bath Solution Range
(When mixed with water)
5 10% 50 Gal Mix 1 gal concentrate per 9 gal water

Additional Configurations Available

55 Gallon Drum

Technical Information
Product NameArmaKleen™ M-100 Baked on Carbon Remover   Concentrate (1 Single, 5 Gallon Pail)
Product Code6332
Product UOM CodeEA
Product Package UOM CodeEA
Safety Data SheetSafety Data Sheet
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