Performance Plus® 0W-20 Full Synthetic dexos1 Gen 3 (Case of 4, 5 Qt. Bottles)

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Product Description

Performance Plus® Full Synthetic dexosTM 1 Gen 3 passenger car motor oils are approved and licensed to meet General Motors’ stringent requirements for dexosTM 1 Gen 3. They are formulated with premium state-of-the art performance additives and high-quality superior base oils and specifically engineered for turbo-charged gasoline direct injection engines (TGDI) as well as high powered, high-efficiency gasoline and propane passenger car and light duty truck engines. The proprietary formulation is also designed to exceed the latest ILSAC GF-6 and API SP Resource Conserving requirements (and are backwards compatible).

Product Details

Technology: Full Synthetic
Viscosity Grade: SAE 0W-20
API Service Category: API SP
ILSAC Service Category: ILSAC GF-6


Approvals/Specifications Met

Performance Plus® Full Synthetic dexosTM 1 Gen 3 products have been formally approved to meet or are suitable for the following specifications:

dexosTM 1 Gen 3

API SP Resource Conserving ILSAC GF-6
API SN Plus Resource Conserving ILSAC GF-5
Ford WSS-M2C-947-B1 (0W-20) General Motors 6094M
Ford WSS-M2C-945-B1 (5W-20) Chrysler MS-6395
Ford WSS-M2C-946-B1 (5W-30)


Additionally, Performance Plus Full Synthetic dexosTM 1 Gen Passenger Car Motor Oils are recommended, meet and often exceed the stringent requirements of the following OEMs::

Ford Toyota General Motors
Lincoln Lexus Chevrolet
Mazda Kia Cadillac
Jaguar hyundai GMC
Nissan Chrysler Buick
Infiniti Dodge Mitsubishi
Honda Jeep Subaru
Acura RAM Suzuki
Volkaswagen Volvo Land rover


**Information regarding recommended maintenance and equipment operating conditions can be found by referencing Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEM) lubricant recommendations.

Additional Configurations Available

Case of 12, 1 Quart Bottles

1 Single, 55 Gallon Drum

1 Single, 330 Gallon Tote

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Product NamePerformance Plus® 0W-20 Full Synthetic dexos1 Gen 3 (Case of 4, 5 Qt. Bottles)
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