Vermiculite Multi-Use (1 Bag, 16 Pounds)

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Product Description

Light weight aggregate, horticultural aggregate, insulation, packing material, and general absorbent.


Product Details

Color: Light to dark brown Combustibility: Non-combustible
Shape: Accordion-shaped granule Sintering temperature: 1150-1250 °C 2100-2280 °F
Bulk density (a): 64-160 kg/cu m 4-10 lb/cu ft Fusion point: 1200-1320 °C 2200-2400 °F
Moisture loss@110 °C (230 °F): 4-10% Cation exchange capacity (b): 50-150 me/100g
pH (in water): 6-9 Specific heat: 0.84-1.08 kJ/kgK 0.20-0.26 kcal/kgK 0.20-0.26 Btu/lb F
Waterholding capacity (a): 220-325% by wt 20-50% by vol


Features and Benefits

Packing Material
1 x 4 cubic foot poly bag
Technical Information
Product NameVermiculite Multi-Use (1 Bag, 16 Pounds)
Product Code8504
Product UOM CodeEA
Product Package UOM CodeEA
Vendor NameNewPig
Dropship Vendor nameSafety Kleen
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